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A Classified and Annotated History of Scholarship

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In this research tool, we seek to provide a comprehensive and fully annotated bibliography of text editions and research in the field of Arabic Bible. Historical translations of the Bible into Arabic comprise countless manuscripts and fragments from the medieval period found in monasteries throughout the Middle East and libraries across the globe, as well as early and recent prints produced in Europe and in Arabic-speaking lands. These translations were made by Jews, Christians, and Samaritans, and were also used by Muslims in their discussions with members of the other Abrahamic religions. Arabic versions of the Bible were also translated from biblical materials in many different source languages, including Hebrew, Aramaic (Jewish Aramaic and Syriac), Latin, Greek, Coptic. This Bibliography of the Arabic Bible aims to aims to capture the history of research to date and to encompass the entire breadth of these translations, in keeping with the focus of the original research project, Biblia Arabica: The Bible in Arabic among Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Intended Scope
Communities Jewish, Christian, Samaritan, Muslim
Source Languages Hebrew, Aramaic (Jewish Aramaic and Syriac), Latin, Greek, Coptic
Biblical Content Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, New Testament, para-biblical (pseudepigraphical and apocryphal) texts
Periods Medieval-present
Entry Types editions, historic printings, research articles, research monographs

Primary Contribution and Features

This bibliography is the most comprehensive guide to date for research in the burgeoning field of Arabic Bible. Moreover, the additional descriptions and tags for each entry provide valuable guidance for each subtopic, and the digital format makes it easy to browse the entries and use them in further research.

  • Guidance by Research Topic

    Looking for research on a particular biblical book, manuscript, or translator? Entries are tagged according to the biblical sections, manuscripts, translators, source languages, and communities of origin which they discuss. You can use the Browse or Advanced Search features to filter by any combination of these. For example, try a search for Vatican manuscripts of the Pauline Epistles.

  • Summaries from Specialists

    We have tried to provide a short "abstract" for each entry that summarizes its main contribution in a few sentences. (These abstracts are different from abstracts provided by the publishers.)

  • Access to Online Works

    Where works are publicly available at no cost online, we have linked directly to these. Just click on one of the buttons listed under "View at" on the page listing the entry's details. These links make the Bibliography of the Arabic Bible an easy starting point to not only locate but also read much of the available literature on the Arabic Bible.

    Note: Many of these items are in the public domain (due to an expired copyright); some have been published under open-access terms; and others are at least a partial preview from the publisher or from Google Books. We have not included links to items that cannot be at least partially viewed without a subscription. We have also not included links to items on, since there is no guarantee this content will remain openly available.

  • Reuse

    The Bibliography of the Arabic Bible is intended to facilitate research. We encourage you to use it to build your own bibliography, whether for a print publication or a digital project. The content of the bibliography is licensed under a CC-BY 4.0 license, which allows it to be copied and reused as long as the source is cited.
    Suggested Citation: Vollandt, Ronny, ed. Bibliography of the Arabic Bible: A Classified and Annotated History of Scholarship. Munich:, 2018.

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Contributing to the Bibliography

We welcome your input! If you have corrections, additions, or suggestions regarding individual entries, please use the "Corrections/Additions" button on the entry detail page. If you have a bibliographic collection you would like to contribute, please contact us.


Editors: Ronny Vollandt (general editor), Nathan P. Gibson (associate editor)

Contributors (alphabetically): Leonhard Becker, Nathan P. Gibson, Miriam Lindgren Hjälm, Adam McCollum, Sara Schulthess, Peter Tarras, Robert Turnbull, Ronny Vollandt, Michael Wechsler, Vevian Zaki

Research Assistants (alphabetically): Adrian Binder, Sophia Kroesche, Paula Lucia Rail

Image credits

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